Cynthia Torres, CEO of New Dawn Counseling, shared her skills, knowledge, wit, and humor with the Rotary Club of Oxnard last Tuesday. Torres, a Licensed Therapist and Certified Clinical Supervisor, delivered an impactful Craft Talk that showcased her talents and expertise, while bringing smiles and laughter to all who attended. Cynthia shared the experiences that helped shape her life's journey, including that of her family housing a Rotary Exchange Student while a youth in Columbia. 
With her mother's blessing, Cynthia made the decision to leave her war-torn country for higher education in America... and we are glad she did. Cynthia's insightful journey through life, that she easily conveys, has given her a true sense of purpose. In Cynthia's own words, "Life is a journey, we meet people where they are at, and work collaboratively to create a road map to make life more rewarding."  
Her passion and empathy has empowered Cynthia to be a business and professional leader. We welcome Cynthia Torres as a Corporate Member, along with her two outstanding business partners, Veronica Urzua (Vice President) and Karin Lucero-Martinez (Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Therapist). The core values at New Dawn Counseling forward the Object of Rotary and Rotary's goal of Service Above Self.